Impossible to view/edit text with CERN Full HTML

When selecting CERN Full HTML on (which was recently upgraded to D9), the field is empty (even no menu), impossible to edit the text fields. Nothing is displayed, not even the CKEditor menu. Full HTML format works as normal on the other hand.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open any basic page
  2. Edit it
  3. Change the format of the body field to CERN Full HTML

Possible fixes

I have already checked the configuration with another site that works and could not notice any significant difference.

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CERN Full HTML: no text to edit, no editor menu

Full HTML: works as normal

Hi Francois,

We received a similar report last week and have implemented a fix, which I just deployed on your website. I created a content node with CERN Full HTML.

I’m going to deploy the fix to all other websites as well.


Hi Konstantinos,

Thanks for your help (especially on a day off).
This has fixed the problem.



You’re welcome! Cheers :smiley: