Improving usability of image gallery

I would like to improve the visualisation/usability of this page:

With a standard screen resolution, one typically scrolls down to the thumbnails, clicks on one picture and she/he doesn’t see that the picture appeared bigger above (cause she/he scrolled down too much, and the “main” picture is outside of her/his sight.
I wonder if it would not better just to have the thumbnails, and show the slide-show view when one clicks on one of them.
Would that be possible to implement?


Hello there,

Thank you for the feedback. To be honest I cannot really understand what is the issue because it seems like you describe the default functionality. In general the main functionality is:

  • You upload X images
  • The first image appears on top in big resolution
  • The rest of the images appear below in smaller thumbnails
  • When you click on one of the thumbnails, the main image changes to the one you clicked.
  • If you click the main image, the screen is “hijacked” to show the image even bigger. In this “hijacked mode” you can navigate to the next image using the arrows.

If one or more of the functionalities I mentioned does not work in your case, it means that there is an issue.

Can you please provide some screenshots or screen captures of what you believe the issue is? Also what browser are you using?


Hi Konstantinos,

indeed, what I would like is NOT having the first image appearing on top, nor to have that when clicking on one thumbnail the main image changes.

instead, I would simply have:

  • upload my images
  • all images appear in smaller thumbnails
  • when click on a thumbnail, the screen is “hijacked” to show the image big (eventually with the description below + possibility to download small, medium, big image)

I add here a typical screenshot (with google chrome on a Macbook 13" - Catalina) which shows “my problem” + an additional suggestion of where to move the “download image …” buttons.