Incompatible modules (not costum modules)

after performing the scan, some modules appear to be incompatible. However, on Webdav, when clicking on “modules” the folder “custom” does not appear. How can I fix this?
Thank you

Hi Michela

Under which section in the Upgrade Status report do these modules appear? If they appear under the REMOVE section, and you cannot see them when accessing your Modules → Custom subfolder through WebDAV, you can safely ignore these. The only modules you really need to concern yourself with are the ones you actually see under the Custom subfolder as these are the modules you, or someone else, installed on your website(s).

I appreciate how this may be confusing, though one of the things the new infrastructure allows us to do is to centrally manage and distribute modules. This will, amongst many other things, allow us to trim the list of modules flagged for removal in your report.

Hopefully this addresses your concern!


Thank you for your reply! most of these modules appear in the remove section as you said, but one module (“webform”) appears under “Collaborate with maintainers”. Should I ignore that as well?
Thank you again, I wish you a great day


Hi again

Yes, you can safely ignore the Webform module under that section.