Incomplete website update in a cloud


After the last cloud website update (17, Nov), we lost the following sites

Could you check, please?

best regards

Hi Guillermo,

Sorry for the issue. I have fixed it and I’m re-creating them now.

Dear Konstantinos

ALICE publications website

is down, modules and files folder are empty.

best regards

Hey Guillermo,

I re-created alice-publications. Last week there was a bug that prevented some websites from being created.

You might already know about it, since I see this message when I try to log in:

Unauthorized to log in. A missing role is required to access this application. Please contact the application owner to get access.

Normally, this should happen if you make an Application role required here (app portal). You might have done this by mistake?

Have you progressed in fixing the SimpleSAML rules? I haven’t had an update from you in a while now. Have you benefitted from our “docker compose” local development environment?

Dear Konstantinos
About the simplesamlphp_auth.manager rules, I have fixed it, but it is not a good solution, because we replaced them with xLDAP requests, and the LDAP response is slower, now the authentication takes more than 40 seconds. Yesterday (Nov 25, 2021, 3:53 AM) I lost all my progress because the site was cloned from the old site and put into production. it’s really frustrating not to have control of the updates. Yoga time.
About docker-compose local, I have not been able to make it functional. still the same error, I asked in a forum thread and I haven’t answered.

best regards

I’m sorry for the lost progress Guillermo. However, these were previews and not official resources in order to allow us to move flexibly and re-create them as needed.
I believe we have communicated this fact, since the first presentation. If not, it’s my fault indeed. I didn’t expect that you were not noting your progress somewhere else, given that we have been re-creating previews many times over the past months.
This is an integral part of the improvement process that we work hard to deliver.