Increase Search Engine Optimization performance of my Drupal website

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Do you know how to give more visibility to a website on google?

I understand code needs to be input into each page or the home page.

I have the following meta name for our site:

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Hello Kate,

If you want to add meta tags in your page(s), then I would suggest installing the Metatag Drupal module.

Regarding Search Engine Optimization I propose the following tips:

  • Add meta tags: even though they are not as important as they used to, they still play a role when it comes to SEO. The module I proposed above will help with that
  • Add clean URLs: You can do that either by adding custom URLs to your pages (not advised) or by creating automated path generation using Pathauto module. It is very useful for your websites to have consistent paths and also to have keywords on the path. So what you can do is to name the path with the title of the node instead of /node/12345 etc
  • Keep the design simple and clean: If you are using the CERN theme then it is our job to increase performance for search engines. If not then make sure your theme to be responsive, accessible and in general clean and fast.


Some useful resources are the following.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions on the topic.


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Thank you Konstantinos. I will follow the links you kindly provided!

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