/index.php/ in URLs

Recently all the URLs in the menu of the MusiClub website have /index.php/ in them. For example:


Instead of:


It does not seem to affect links to articles in the main feed.

Did I mess up some configuration by mistake? I don’t think I changed anything…

Dear Tom,

Can you check if it is fixed now?

Hi @sboutas,

Thanks, seems to be fixed.


It was a weird issue. I looked a bit about it and there might be a possibility caused by installing a contrib module but in some cases it just appeared on some websites after a Drupal core update.

In any case the quick fix was either to clear caches or to go to https://yourwebsite.web.cern.ch/update.php and run the updates if any. If not just click on ok and go back to the website.

I did this on your wesbite and the links were fixed.