Indico events "Import to my calendar" issue

Hello all,

I have tried to import some events to my calendar to check

however, when the download finishes I get the message:

If I choose yes, I have a new empty calendar (not event) in my outlook.
I have had a return regarding Mac, it is not working either.

Thank you.

Hi Katerina,

This is a problem with the Indico service.

Go to the events page and click on the calendar icon at the top (see screenshot).


If you click at the Calendar file link then the event has the information to import it in your calendar.

However the calendar link that they export with their API and we use for the module in order to create the link, is the Permanent link for public information only ( which returns a file that doesn’t have details for the event.

My guess is that because your category is Private, and hence the event private as well, they don’t export the full details of the event.

I am afraid there is nothing we can do for that. You can open a ticket to Indico but they will probably tell you the same.