Indico feed categories


at noon I modified the list of the indico feed of my D9 web site
adding 2 new indico categories
Now they are gone …
Any suggestion ?

Hi Elena

Apologies for the late response.

Can you please confirm whether this problem persists?


Dear Joachim
yes the problem is still there and I cannot find the reasons why the new categories are regularly deleted. Finally as a workaround I created another feed for these 2
Indico feeds are still not working - and I had to import regularly by hand (that is very annoying !)
and I also have problem with the roster feed so it is becoming a nightmare!

same happened to me repeatedly in the last weeks after editing the category list of my indico feeds

Dear Elena

We made some changes to your website the other day, but we are still monitoring the situation. There are, unfortunately, numerous problems with the feeds, and so we are going to have to address them incrementally. Could you please let me know via a ticket whether this problem continues throughout this week?