Indico Feed not bringing in new events

Hey, I don’t seem to have any events coming in - see Meetings | WLCG with the feed at

I’ve already gone in and manually forced import on the feed (Content > Feeds > Import), but it didn’t bring in anything new. I know for a fact there are meetings in the next 30 days, but the mechanism hasn’t found them.

This is the error message after I manually forced an import:

And the log messages says:

Hmm. API key issue? All thoughts welcome.

Hi there

Thanks for flagging. You receive a HTTP 403 because you do not have access. This, indeed, is a matter of configuring the CERN Indico Feeds with a new API key. Please see for more information, or refer to the documentation directly at


Great, thanks @joachim That was easy to resolve using the instructions you linked to.