Indico Feeds display

Happy New Year to @all Drupal team
I have some questions related to the Indico Feeds

  1. how to display restricted indico events (as for example General Assembly for the memebers of the staff association). I have created the Indico feed but because the event is protected I cannot import anything
  2. how to implement a “kind” of suscription like the Bulletin
  3. Newsletter for CERN theme ???
    Thanks for your help

Hi Almudena,

Happy New Year!

For displaying restricted indico events do the following:

  • Go to Structure => Feed types and Edit the Indico Feed
  • In Fetcher settings you need to enter your API and Secret keys. In order to get your keys you need to go to this page. Get the Token and Secret key from that page and add them to the API Key and Secret Key fields in Fetcher settings respectively. In order for this to work the person needs to have access to see that restricted categpry.
  • Enter the keys in Fetcher and Save your changes.
  • Go to Content and click on Feeds tab.
  • Edit the Indico Feed you want.
  • Uncheck the option Retrieve only public events and Save.
  • Delete all the imported items from that feed and import again. Now you should be able to see the events from the private category.

As for the subscription like Bulletin. I am not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to send an email to your subscribers like the Bulletin along with a PDF?

Hi Sotirios
Happy New year and thanks for the information!