Insert module for images

I am using Drupal insert module to insert images in the text.
However I cannot add the settings to the image field.
Do you know why?

Thnbaks for your help

From the error message it seems that there is already data stored for this field in the database and hence not possible to make any changes to it.

You can only create a new field and apply the settings that you want.

I have tried to create a new fireld image to insert but doesn’t work either

Hi Almudena,

I tried to follow the configuration instructions listed here and I didn’t manage to make it work either. Maybe it has to do with the module being in beta version?

OK thanks anyway
Do you know how improve the images and text align?
Thanks for your help

If you mean the image quality then you need to go to Structure->Content Types->Edut the content type you want->Go to the Manage display tab and in the Image field click on the gear icon, set the image style to original and save.

As for text align you mean the image captions?

I suggest that you enable the CDS Image module that works for both CDS and uploaded images. It has a caption field that takes care the alignment for you.