Installation of modules denied

When I want to install a module - either from a URL or by uploading a local file - I get the error message “Access denied. You are not allowed to access this page.”
I am the owner of the web site

Does somebody have an idea how to fix this problem?
Many thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Gabi,

The procedure to add modules has changed now we’re on Openshift - we can’t just drop in the URL anymore.

It’s basically done through WebDav these days (or oc or composer but personally I don’t understand those…) - if you follow the instructions at How do I Update Modules? | Drupal @ CERN then this pretty much explains how to get in there and change/update/add modules.

Good luck!


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Hi there

Just adding to what Cath already wrote above (thanks Cath!): If you are using MacOS (or would prefer a desktop application to do this), please see as well.


Thank you very much, Cath and Joachim, for your replies.

I have followed the instructions and managed to access the webdav folder of my web site and to download and extract the zip file of the module.
Then I had to discover that the webdav web interface allows only to upload single files, no folders, so that I would have to pass an important amount of time to upload the many files belonging to the module. I checked also the possibility to use a webdav client, instead, but I did not find such an app on CMF.

I have spent an important amount of time to do a simple manipulation, which in the past took me a few minutes. This is not a reasonable use of my resources and therefore I will simply abandon my idea to install a new module.

And to top it all off, I did not find any possibilities to delete the folder I have created in the webdav web interface for my new module and that is now useless. I hope that it will not create any interference with my web site.

I think that the new way to install modules in Drupal 9 under Openshift needs some serious improvements.

Hi Gabriele

I think there is an honest misunderstanding here.

If you have connected to your webDAV folder (either by mounting it directly as a network drive, or via a desktop application like Cyberduck), you are not supposed to use the web interface. Indeed, this interface is really only intended to quickly access the file system if absolutely necessary. The reason for this is that—as you note yourself—you can only work with a single file at a time. In any other case, we thus recommend mounting the folder on your computer directly.

In the guide I linked you above, you simply drag-n-drop the unzipped folder onto your webDAV folder. The process, while different from Drupal 8 on the old infrastructure, can be just as fast. Please have a read through once again. The screenshots should reflect what you see on your screen.


Hello, dear Joachim,

the guide you referenced applies to Macs, but I am working on a hardened PC under Windows 10.

I did not find any information in the other instructions (How do I Update Modules? | Drupal @ CERN, with screenshots of a Mac, so not very meaningful in my case) that allowed me to guess the webdav folder structure required to mount it as a network drive.
If you have an idea, I would be grateful if you could share it with me!

And many thanks again for your precious help!

Hi again

No worries! While the guide shows screenshots from MacOS, Cyberduck is actually available for Windows as well (see, meaning that you can follow all the same steps as on MacOS. Thanks also for the general feedback on the guides!


Dear Joachim,
Thank you for the hint to install Cyberduck; unfortunately this is not possible for me.
As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am working on a hardened PC, that means installation of software is limited to CMF.
Therefore I wonder if you can share with me the webdav folder structure required to mount it as a network drive.

Hi again

I have not worked from a hardened Windows 10; perhaps is helpful? Ultimately, you need to establish a connection to the remote host and then mount the file system.


Thanks, dear Joachim,
for all this useful extra information.

Finally, I have found the right webdav folder structure to be used for mounting it as a network drive: Just use the URL of the web site and add “/_webdav” to it.
Example in my case: “

Once mounted, you have to enter the user name and the password - these have to be obtained via the procedure explained here: How do I access WebDAV? | Drupal @ CERN.

And now I can happily install new module :smiley:
What an odyssey!

Have a lovely evening and many thanks again,

Hi Gabriele

Happy to hear you made it work!