Is there a way to have fields for a block view?


I’m trying to create a block view for our job page and would like to search through all the entry thanks to the combine search filter. I’ve done it in the past using “Page” by adding the different fields i want to look for under the “Fields” section. However, with the block Display it seems that i can’t add fields.

I changed the Format -> Show to “Field” and here i can add fields, but i loose the presentation.

Do you guys have any idea if it’s possible ? My final goal is to be able to integrate jobs in a landing page.

Thank you in advance.


Hey @mhutinet,

Its actually the same issue as you had last time in How to search across fields of a view using "Combined fields filter"?. You need to check the “Force using fields” option in the format settings.



That’s correct, sorry :grimacing: