Issue with "Add new Indico Feed"

Dear colleagues,

We have 2 Indico feeds configured on the HSE site and it has been working fine since the beginning. However, we were unable to add a new Indico feed and this is the message we receive in return:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

Can anyone please have a quick look on that?

Dear Kitti,

Could you please describe the steps of what are you trying to do?

Please also include the URLs of the administration pages where you perform the actions.

Dear Sotirios,

Signed in as an administrator, here is what I did:
Content -> Feeds -> +Add Feed -> Indico Feed
Direct URL.

I tried to add single and even multiple events (11257,11171,11256)
wtih “Retrieve only public events” as Ticked and Unticked - same error message.


If you try to add any event categories, it will just direct you to this error message below no matter.


Hi Kitti,

I have noticed that your secret key is missing. See image below:


Could you please follow this guide to create a new set of API and Secret keys?

Then add the new keys in feeds configuration and try again.

Thanks Sotirios.

I followed your guide; generated the new Keys on Indico and added on the site structure settings(API Key + Secret Key). Tested again, but still have the same message when I tried to Add a new Feed.

The existing feeds with the new keys also changed the Author now to: Anonymous (not verified):

Hi Kitti,

Don’t worry about the author. That’s not important.

Can I try something on test-hse8 website? I might need to reclone it from HSE. Do you have any changes on test website that would you like to keep?

Hi Sotirios,

Of course - You can do the tests on test-hse8-site.
We do not have any other changes on test-site that we need to keep for the moment.

Many thanks.

Hi Kitti,

There was a problem with the installation of the Indico module. I have fixed it on test-hse8 website after taking a latest clone from

Could you please check test-hse8 thoroughly all the feed pages e.t.c. and if it works fine let me know so I can clone the test site to production.