Issue with editing a custom block


I changed the content of a custom block and the changes were not appearing on the website.
I tried clearing the cache, running cron to trigger a synchronization and also clearing the data of my own browser, just in case. But it did not solve anything.

I did some testing by trying to hide the block: I first put it hidden and then I removed the list of pages it was supposed to appear in.
Again, whatever I did, the block was still here (and the incorrect version).

Out of frustration, I decided to delete that block and just start from scratch. It is supposedly deleted (does not appear in my custom block library nor in the block layout).
The deleted block is still there (“Key contacts”):

And I have cleared the cache and run the cron. Many times.

Can you explain to me what is happening?

Thank you

Hey @ekirschn

The error you are facing denotes to
The content has either been modified by another user, or you have already submitted modifications. As a result, your changes cannot be saved.

In most cases this is due to the following factors :

  • Memory Limit
  • Maximum Execution Time Limit
  • Maximum Input Variable Limit
  • Two different users attempt to edit the same content page at the same time. The second user to click the save button will receive this error.

We will flag this with the infra team and scrutinise accordingly to increase the packet size of the php.ini file.

In the meantime what you can do is to flush away caches from your browser and re-login to the website and then edit the webpage.
NOTE : Remember to edit everything all at once in a single go else upon one successful save made to the changes you will again encounter the error upon your second trial causing you to repeat the same re-login process as stated above.

We will look into finding a permanent solution to this issue and also request you to do any such changes or amendments to the content and webpage first on a test site and then remapping it on the live/production website thus avoiding any breakdown of the live website.

Thanks and regards,


Thank you for your answer.

I did as advised (cleared the caches from my browser and login again).
The deleted block still appears. How to solve this?

I would also like to point out that I did do a few modifications (I was the only one at first) on the website but I must insist that there were minor and I did not spend hours and hours on it.
So the fact that I am seemingly not able to do a few minor changes without breaking down something is incredibly worrisome and frustrating.


Hey @ekirschn

I have deleted the block “Key contacts” and it no longer appears on the webpage. In case you need the block back I can restore the website to the previous state or if you want to re-add the block with the new amendment/s to it just draft the content and send it to us via mail, the web team will get it sorted for you.

Also to add this is just a temporary solution to the issue in order to ensure smooth and normal functionality. We will look into a long term lasting solution on the infra end.

Thanks and regards,