Issue with Navigation Submenu after Drupal Update


I noticed that after the Drupal update two days ago, 2nd level submenus can’t be accessed anymore on

You can see what I mean in the GIF below.

Any ideas why this is happening?


Hello Dimitri,

Do you use override theme?

Geia Kosta,

Yes, I am using override, is this the problem?

Could be but I dont think so.

Given that you dont override the menu, the issue is caused because of the length of the word of the 1st level menu:

I can propose two solutions:

  1. Decrease the length of the word: “NATIONAL TEACHER PROGRAMMES” -> “National” and “INTERNATIONAL TEACHER PROGRAMMES” -> “International”.
  2. Append the following fix in CERN Override:
@media only screen and (min-width: 1081px){
     body header .site-nav .region-header nav.main-menu ul.navbar-nav > li.dropdown > ul.dropdown-menu{
         max-width: 210px

I know that this solution is not easily acceptable by the editors/admins of websites, so probably the second one is easier for you.

For now it should be ok. I will try to patch the theme in the next hotfix version.


OK my bad, it seems we no longer override the theme, so I guess I will need to override it now temporarily till the fix is implemented.

I tried option 1 on a test website and is working, but I would prefer to avoid this fix if necessary.

Can you give me access so I can clone cernoverride? I see that you made it private.

Join the e-egroup drupal-override-theme-users, its open for self-subscriptions and you will have access.

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I installed cernoverride and appended the code you provided. I just had to lower the max-width to 150px and now everything is working as it should.

Thanks Konstantine for the help.