Issue with the Contact form

we are observing a problem with our contact form on

The contact form is missing the ‘message’ field when you are not logged - and messages cannot be sent (Error message: The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later) When logged in, the message field is present and the messages are correctly sent:.

The modules permission seem to be correct:

(as a side note: the site is less responsive, from time to time we get 504 Gateway Time-out)

Many thanks for any useful advice … (not sure though that this was/is linked to the latest migration)


Actually, while looking for the issue … it got solved. Not sure how - but potentially the Honeypot anti-spam moudle was the cause …

Hi Markus

Thanks for flagging this, and apologies for the late response.

Are you please able to detail how you resolved this: Did you disable the Honeypot module?


Actually not. I disabled and enabled the honeypot module … not clear what exactly solved the issue. Currently the Honeypot is activated and its working.

Hi Markus

No worries, thanks for the confirmation!

If you encounter other issues, please do not hesitate to post again.