Landing Page Structure Bug


Landing page page format has been badly altered.

Steps to reproduce

Access any landing page. E.g.

Dear Benjamin,

This happens sometimes during Drupal core updates.

Go to Configuration->Performance and clear caches.

If this doesn’t work go to /_site → Backup and Restore and at the botton of that page there is a button called Registry rebuild. Click on that and it should be fine.


Super thank you, the cache clearing indeed solved that issue.
We also have a landing page called “Duty Travel Coordination” which seem to have disappeared, would you know how that happened?

The one below is a replica I just created.

Again thank you for your quick help.

What do you mean disappeared? Like someone deleted it?

Did you try to search for it in Content?

Yes that’s what I mean. I may have done the mistake myself, but I cannot tell for sure.
I did and no success, hence why I replicated the page for now.