Latest News and Indico Events

Dear Community,

I have found some really nice description how to create an Indico Feeds/Events:

It is very clear and useful. But then going to the last point of the description: Displaying the Events and clicking on Collisions… I am totally lost…
The same with Horizontal Boxes:

In general, I would like to put the Latest News as horizontal boxes and Indico Events as collisions to my website and I would appreciate your help. I guess my problem is with Views/Views Mode. Could you point to some step-by-step instructions?

Thank you and best regards,

Hello Kasia,

The documentation you mention is about importing content from external sources. After importing it, you should find a way to display it.

We have implemented some pre-defined modules to display content in Drupal websites. This way is based on two concepts: Components and Display Formats.


They define how each content will be displayed (eg. card, box, image next to text etc). In order to understand it better please read the following resources.

Display Formats

They define how a view will display the components (collision, grid etc).

Other useful resources

  • Complete tutorial on how to create a content type and display it using components and formats. The example is about a content type that displays new but you can adjust it to your case. Obviously you dont need to use the format mentioned in the tutorial, it is just an example.

Let me know if you have any questions after reading the mentioned articles.