Left and right arrow do not appear on my collision display


I have followed the instructions on https://drupal-tools.web.cern.ch/docs/modules/display-formats/formats/collision to create 2 collision display sections on my landing page but the left and right arrow do not appear.

There must be an option I have not ticked, but cannot find which one.

My site: http://cern.ch/test-visit

Thanks for your help.


Hi Francois,

I switched the view back to Collision format. In order to have the left and right arrows you need more than 3 events.

HI Sotirios,

Thanks for having had a look at it.
Indeed the last collision view (Upcoming Public Events) has only 1 event.
But there is another one above (Upcoming Virtual Conferences) that has more than 10 events in the future… And the arrows still don’t show up.


That’s because the pager in View settings was set to 3 items.

I changed that to 9.

You should be able to see the arrows now.

Makes total sense. Thanks and sorry for not having spotted it.


No worries :+1: