Link on landing page does not work


HTML tag is not correctly interpreted in French version of landing page

Steps to reproduce

Please have a look at the French version of the landing page:

The link to the English version (line 378 in view-source:


does not work.

However, in the English version of the landing page, the link to the French version works.

Hi Gabi,

I don’t see any issue with the link. Both links (English and French) work fine for me in either Firefox and Chrome.

Can you provide a screenshot?


Thanks to Sotirios expert advise, the source of the problem was quickly located.

It is related to the unusual implementation of the language switcher in the landing page: the html tag for the link to the English version of the landing page (<p class="text-align-right"><a href=""><span style="color:#ffffff;">English</span></a></p>, which is part of the content) overlapped with the menu bar that in the French version spreads over 2 lines.

The solution is to add some extra space before the html tag for the link to the English version:

<p class="text-align-right"><a href=""><span style="color:#ffffff;">English</span></a></p>


Thanks for following up and posting your solution, Gabriele!