Logo not displayed?


Moving a site to Drupal 8 (https://wlcg-traceability-isolation-wg.web.cern.ch to https://wlcg-traceability-isolation-wg-drupal8.web.cern.ch/), I cannot make the logo appear. It’s seems configured but for some reason, it does not apply.

Is this a restriction on the CERN theme? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Vincent,

In Drupal 8 you can set your websites’ logo to be displayed or not in the Appearance page of your website. In your case it should be https://wlcg-traceability-isolation-wg-drupal8.web.cern.ch/admin/appearance/settings/cernclean.

More specifically, if you scroll down, you can find a set of settings:

  • Show Site name: Whether or not you want the site name to be rendered
  • Show Site slogan: Whether or not you want the site slogan to be rendered
  • Show Search link on Main menu: Whether or not you want the search link on main menu
  • Show Dark LOGO on footer: Whether or not you want a dark logo on footer (by default it’s light)
  • Upload logo: Option to upload a custom logo.

The last option is the one you actually need. By uploading the logo, it automatically displays on the header of your menu.

You can find more information regarding the CERN Theme in the documentation of CERN Theme in the webtools website.


I see, thanks.
Still that’s not really user-friendly:

  • When looking at the “Appearance” “Settings”, one first get to the “Global settings” (https://wlcg-traceability-isolation-wg-drupal8[.]web.cern.ch/admin/appearance/settings), which already contains a “Logo Image” section (where “Use the logo supplied by the theme” is unset to me): why doesn’t the theme use that logo?
  • The “Display Site Settings” on the CERN logo part is collapsed by default…

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for your feedback. Regarding the Appearance settings, the theme was designed in such way so that all the settings regarding the theme to be placed under one page. However, you are right about the “Display Site Settings” form not being collapsed by default. A ticket is created about it and it will be deployed in one of the next versions, so that this form will be collapsed by default.