Mailto: entry in the text


In my texts there are quite a lot of mail addressses, like this

On the drupal 7 It started a mail system on the client, but on the drupal 8
it does not.

Some module that should be activated ?
Any idea ?

Kind Regards,

Hello Pieter,

The mailto is an HTML attribute and nothing changed in Drupal 8 concerning HTML (Its the same version, HTML5). As a result if you place the exact same HTML in Drupal 8 it will be loaded as in D7.


Check the Text format and allowed tags, to avoid that html code is being filtered by drupal.

@phclweb Do you have an example page where it happens?


I had plenty of examples, but none remain. As of this morning it started to work. No idea why, I changed nothing. Bizare.

Sorry for the fuzz.