Manual upgrade to core modules

I am being asked to upgrade the core modules manually to 9.3.5 on a newly created site.

Can you advise the best way to do this ?


Hi Tim

Thanks for reaching out!

You need not concern yourself with updates to the Drupal Core: We will handle this centrally. Updates for 9.3.5 are merged and will be rolled out soon. No actions from you are necessary. The only updates you should be concerned with are those which apply to any locally installed modules as these are your responsibility.


Phew - pleased about that.


It would be nice if we never received these messages about required core module updates given that no action is required.


Hi Ulrik!

Thanks for your feedback!

We are working diligently towards being able to handle continuous updates behind-the-scenes. Once we have finalised our pipelines and overall process, I imagine we will re-evaluate automated e-mails. Until then, you will have to excuse the number of e-mails being sent. We are on it.