Media an filefield_paths.module

Dear all

I’m working with a media bundle and File (Field) Path module and i have the following error
Error : Call to undefined method Drupal\Core\Field\BaseFieldDefinition::getThirdPartySettings() in filefield_paths_entity_update() (line 347 of modules/filefield_paths/filefield_paths.module ).
After look in google we found this

Does anyone have the fix patch for the local docker image?

Best regards

Hi Guillermo,

According to that post there is not a stable patch for this yet.

I doubt that our Drupal admins will install a patch that failed the tests.

I will leave this with them to reply.

Hi Guillermo,

A few points that worry me,

  • the patch is not stable enough and might introduce other unexpected issues.
  • The module is not very active and still on beta1 version.
  • Patch seems to not apply well with Drupal 8.8.2, so it might stop working once we do the next update.

So I’m afraid it won’t be a good decision to introduce such potential risk for all the site in the infrastructure.
Since this is blocking your work, I would suggest you to install locally the module and apply the patch on the local version of the module, so only your test sites will be affected.

Please note that if the previous concerns are resolved we won’t have any problem on deploying the patch globally on the infrastructure.