Menus first and second level in webtest Drupal 9


Checking the webtest for our site [] (

All the first level tabs on the home page are fine, they are showed in the drupal9 preview, but when I go to another content or landing page in the second level, the links are still pointing to our current drupal 8 site WEB and not to to the WEBTEST.

For example, ABOUT (first level, is show in webtest: About | Cern Welcome Club) if I go to ABOUT > STATUTES (second level, is show in our current drupal 8 web: statutes engl | Cern Welcome Club).

Is this just because of the preview mode? All the links are going to be ok when you upgrade to drupal 9?

Thank you,

Hi Monica

Thanks for reaching out, and I understand your concern!

While this issue is obviously less than ideal when you are supposed to test your website, please rest assured that the is exclusively for preview purposes. In some instances, depending on your configuration, URLs will be overridden; resulting in the very issue you are experiencing. However, once your actual production site is moved, its domain will not change. As such, no links on your website will change either, and everything works how it works now.


Thanks Joachim