Merge multiple content types into one


I have different content types (5) migrated from my D7 site, which I want to unite into one content type, because they have the exact same fields.

  • Proceedings - Refereed
  • Proceedings - Unrefereed
  • conference proceedings
  • conference proceedings (unrefereed)
  • theses

Now I have made a general content type publication.

Is there a way changing the content type of existing nodes or do I have to build the nodes (add content) with the new Content type again (talking about ~ 95 nodes)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Nadine,

There is a way to do it but requires a lot of configuration and does not worth the time since we are talking for ~95 nodes. The time that it will take you to study the solution and implement it is much more than manually migrating the node.

For the record, this could be done by first exporting the content and then re-importing it using the Migration API and re-mapping the fields to the new one.


Okay, I understand, I will do it manually! Thank you! :slight_smile: