Missing CKEditor module folder


CKEditor was not active as text editor for filtered HTML after migration to Drupal 8.
I activated it ( Administration -> Configuration -> Content authoring ) but some buttons are not available after migration. I miss for instance smiley button and other char buttons

I tried to install smiley plugin for CKEditor but I miss ckeditor folder under:

CKeditor is installed in Drupal 8 but I am not sure whether the folder is missing or not.
Folder is available for the v7 site:

I’d need to keep ‘Text format’ as ‘Filtered HTML’ in order to avoid unexpected misbehavior. Any way I could make this visible in Drupal 8?



The CKEditor is installed centrally in Drupal infrastructure. That means that it is available for you to use it on your website but there is no CKEditor folder locally in your website.

The plugin needs to be installed centrally as well in order for you to see it. You can ask admins to install it so it is available for everyone (there is a stable version). You can send them an email at drupal-admins@cern.ch

Hi sboutas.
I sent them an e-mail and let you know as soon as I get an answer