Modifying Point Size menu in a block

I am creating the site with CERN template.
I have created menus in blocks that appear in the left column, but I find the font size a bit large.
Is there a possibility of reducing this size of font ?
Thanks for your help,

Hey @martinet,

Changing the font size of a menu link or menu bar (be it sidebar or navigation) is not possible using the Drupal admin toolbar or GUI. However, you can do it by amending the style and CSS file in the codebase of your respective website. The Web team does not recommend making any alterations to the theme or CSS of the theme, or use any modules that might cause compatibility issues or functionality breakdown.

In case you create a specific block to serve the purpose, you can easily play around with the font size, text colour, etc.
Go to Structure → Block layout → Place block (left sidebar in your case) → Add custom block → Create your block → Save.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply Prakhar.
I know for the non standards modules and the CSS modifications :wink:
If I create a specific block that’s not do what I really want, but thanks for your answer.