Module to create trombinoscope


I am looking for a way to create a nice trombinoscope.
After some googling, I found that the module “content_profile” might be what I am looking for:

But I am a bit worried by the fact that this module does not seem to be widely used and so that it does not seem to be maintain today.
And also the big message “This project is not covered by Drupal’s [security advisory policy”

Could you please advise me if it is safe to use this module? do you know a similar one?
Or could I achieve the same effect by creating a specific content type and then a view?

Thank you,

Hi Emilie

You cannot use this module as it does not support the version of Drupal we use.

In general, try to only rely on modules which are actively maintained and happen to be used by a reasonable number of websites. Of course, if you are comfortable maintaining a custom module yourself, nothing is stopping you from installing and using it as you wish. Indeed, some CERN websites already do this. However, if you have no experience developing modules, I strongly advise against this.



Thank you for your reply!
I will not be using this particular one then. Do you know a better module to create trombinoscope?
Thank you,

Dear Emilie

In general, create a View of images/pictures, select a “Grid” as format, and set several columns (18).

best regards