Moving to Cloud infrastructure

Moving to Cloud infrastructure

The Drupal service moves to the CERN Cloud, inspired by modern industry standards :cloud:
All sites will be moved to this new Cloud infrastructure early October. We expect this move to be transparent.

This brings exciting new possibilities for Drupal site admins, such as:

  • integration with the new CERN SSO
  • multiple “environments” to test and preview your changes
    • we will also create a Drupal 9 preview of your site to help you prepare
  • security and customizability, enabling technical collaborations/contractors
  • an (upcoming) modern management UI to replace

We will gradually consolidate documentation here in drupal-community as the features are being released.


Website management will be done in new way, due to the simultaneous revamp of the Drupal infrastructure and the Webservices portal.

This is a list of areas/actions that will in some way change. Details on the changes will follow soon.

  1. SSO - authorization
  2. New webservices portal
  3. Site creation/deletion
  4. Aliases
  5. Cloning
  6. On-demand backups
  7. Access to website logs
  8. Drush access possible, but instructions under development
  9. Installing local modules
  10. Web client for DB access (phpMyAdmin)
  11. Webanalytics

Interim support through Service-Now

During the commissioning of the Cloud infrastructure many workflows that Drupal admins are used to launching from the /_site URL (cloning, on-demand backup/restore) will be performed through service-now tickets.

This is a temporary situation, until all functionality is commissioned.

Communication channels

We’ll keep all communication here on Discourse.
To ask questions or support, please write in the category #move-to-saas
You can also use our Mattermost channel :smile:

We will NOT be monitoring the email address (please don’t use it).


[action needed] Respond here to enroll

You are invited to enroll today by responding to this thread.

  • This will give you a chance for quicker help, since the Infrastructure team will focus on your sites
  • You will have more time to preview Drupal 9 versions of your websites and ensure they are ready, before Drupal 8 is phased out in November 2021

What this means for you

You will in principle not have to make any change to your site.
There will only be changes in:

  • the authorization rules
  • the functionality available in the /_site management application and the webservices portal (

As a highlight, backup & restore will be done in a different manner, and we will release documentation soon.


Once you enroll, we will move official sites that you own to the Cloud infrastructure.
This is what we will do:

  1. We will clone your website and create a preview (new website), accessible at <mysite>, which you can verify. You will receive an email notification.
  2. If there is any issue during this period, please notify us and we can stop the move.
  3. 5 days later, we will clone again (any changes in the preview will be lost) and this time will replace your original site at <mysite>

There is also a possibility to roll back the changes on <mysite> In such a case, any changes to the site since the move will be lost (similar to restoring a backup).

Only official sites

When you enroll, we will only migrate by default the official sites that you own.
If you’d like a test site to be moved as well, or a site that you manage, please note it in your enrolment comment.

Non-standard authentication rules need manual action

Some websites with non-standard authentication rules might need manual changes to translate those rules to the new CERN SSO

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