Navigation dots- carousel of boxes

Hi again
I would like to add the navigation dots however I do not know how, could you help me please?

Hi Almudena,

You shouldn’t have any problem creating this if you follow the guide. In which part are you stuck?

hi again Sotirios
I have not stuck, I did my view and it works properly however if you have a look the image instead dots I have the word NEXT>
And I do not know where I can change this …

You had the view set to display a mini pager and only 3 items.

In order for this to work you need to set the pager to display a specific number of items and set it to 9 for three dots.

If you have less items it will show less dots.

OK thanks a lot, I cannot see the evident solution after several hours inside Drupal8…
Thanks again Sotirios