Need help for building a FAQ

Dear all,
I am new to Drupal and I am seeking help to get started on a FAQ for the Ombud web site. I would like to achieve a FAQ that looks like FAQs | CERN

Could anyone in the community afford a couple of hours help me get started on building this FAQ?

Many thanks ,

Hi Laure

Welcome to the CERN Drupal Community!

In order to create a FAQ, you need to complete a few steps on the website in question. Please note that this assumes the CERN Components and the CERN Display Formats modules are installed. In your case, these are already installed.

Start on the website as a logged in user.

  1. Click Structure, and select Content Type.
  2. Click Add content type to create a new type for your FAQ. Give it an appropriate name (you will be using this later) as well as a title field label. You can leave the remaining fields as is, or customise them depending on your specific requirements.
  3. Click Save and manage fields.
  4. On the page you are automatically redirected to, you will want to add two fields (one for Questions, one for Answers) using the Add field button. In both cases, you want the fields to be of type Text (formatted, long, with summary).
  5. Save the newly created content type.
  6. Click Structure in the top-menu once again, and select Views.
  7. Click Add view and create a new view for your FAQ. Give it an appropriate name and tick the Create a page box. You can leave the rest as it is, or edit later. Click Save and edit.
  8. On the page you are automatically redirected to, you will want to change the FORMAT and FILTER CRITERIA options. Of course, if you have specific requirements, you can add those here or simply update things subsequently.
    8.1. In the FORMAT block, click Unformatted list and choose Accordion. Click Apply. On the next window, untick Add views row classes and tick Force using fields. Click Apply again.
    8.2. Click Content under Show and choose Display Suite: Content. Click Apply. On the next window, click Apply once again unless you have particular requirements you wish to implement. Confirm that the Teaser option is selected. If not, choose this.
    8.3. In the FILTER CRITERIA block, click Add. Scroll to find the generic Content type (without a description), select that and click Add and configure filter criteria. On the page you are automatically redirected to, select the Content Type you created in step 2. Click Apply.
    8.4 Once done, your page should look something like the below screenshot. Click Save.
  9. Click Structure in the top-menu once again, and select Display Suite. Once loaded, find the Content Type you created in Step 2. Click Manage display.
  10. In the top, above the breadcrumbs, click Teaser.
  11. Under Select a layout, choose FAQ List. Click Save.
  12. On this page, you can drag-n-drop the various fields you would like displayed on your FAQ page. One setup could be the following:

    Note the hidden label for Question and Answer (the fields you created in step 4).

With this done, you simply create content as you normally would, but choose the FAQ Content Type you created in step 2. The interface should look something like:

You may find more information on the following pages:

  1. FAQ List | Drupal @ CERN
  2. Accordion to display FAQs | Drupal @ CERN

Good luck!


Many thanks Joachim, really much appreciated!
I went through the process several times but I don’t seem to be able to achieve the result I need.
I might be doing sthg wroong.
In particular for the settings of the Question and Answer fields in the content type, it is not c;lera to me what I should do with the Allowed number of value, shall I leave it to Limited to 1 ?
Many thanks & kind regards,

Hi Laure

Yes, apologies for not including that explicitly in the above set of steps. Ultimately, since you just require one question and one answer, you should leave the allowed number of values as the default 1. You should thus just proceed and click Save field settings. In the last screenshot, for instance, you see how there is only one input for the Question field, and another input for the Answer field.

If this does not resolve your issue, please let us know.


Many thanks Joachim. Sorry to bother you with this. what I can offer in exchange, should you be interested, is to write down the full step by step , from a layman’s view, from start to full expected result so that it is ready on hand from anyone having the same question.

So back to my FAQ list, I am getting there as you may see at
However, the title is displayed twice and I do not know how to fix this.
Also I would like to add more possible values to the list of possible values to the field " topic" but I do not seem to be able to do that. Is the only solution to delete the field, recreate one with all value sthat I want ???

Many thanks & kind regards,

Hi Laure

No worries! I do not have access to your site just yet, though I am waiting for e-groups to synchronise accordingly such that I can take a look. In regards to the two titles, it sounds like maybe the Label for your Question field is not hidden. Please refer to the screenshot attached in step 12.

As for amending the number of possible values to a specific field: If you go to StructureContent types → (name of your content type) → Manage fields → (name of your field, in this case “topic”) → click the arrow next to Edit and choose Storage settings:

This will allow you to update the number of possible values to the field in question.

Hopefully this resolves your issue!

Hi Joachim,

OK I have managed to change the number of possible values. Thanks for that. I don’t know if you were able to access the site now and check what my problem with the double title may be. It is not linked to a field label because it is the FAQ-VIew title which is duplicated.
Many thanks,

Hi Laure

The reason why you were seeing two headers on the FAQ (as well as several other of your pages!) was because you had a separate Page title block in addition to your Main page content block. Please note that whenever a particular View or a Content Type has a title, it will always be displayed in the Main page content. As such, when you then also include a designated Page title block, you ultimately end up duplicating the title.

I have disabled this for you now, but in case it becomes relevant in the future:

  1. Head to Structure
  2. Click Block layout
  3. Scroll to the Main content section
  4. Enable or disable whichever block is relevant

In this particular case, you will find that the Page title is now marked as disabled. You can disable a block by clicking the drop-down menu in the Configure button on the right-hand side. Of course, if you were using this deliberately elsewhere, this change may now have broken it; please confirm accordingly. If you do require this particular block, you will have to find a different solution.


THanks Jochim!
Kind regards.,

Hello all,
I also have a question regarding the FAQ:
is it possible to retrieve the FAQ content as a .pdf file?