News and events views, featured banner

We have some issues with our easy star site, could us we have some help please:

Events view: We have disable the events view for the moment (by the way, no listing options for the events view?). It is possible to remove the link that it’s in the first part of each event page? (the link shows “events –events”) We are using 3 “agenda box” in the home page that links to each content

News view: It is possible to remove the search part in the top of the view, since it’s no useful for us?

Featured banner: We are using an easy start site, the featured banner component doesn’t work for us, we saw that there’s some parameters in Structure, paragraph styles, it is there where we have to activate something?

Thank you!

Hello there,

Just a small note that the easy-start is just a template to give you a head start. Feel free to change anything that does not suit your needs. I am answering each one of the questions below:

I am not fully sure but I guess you mean the breadcrumbs link that points to /events page. This one is automatically generated if the url /events exists. If you remove the view that creates the /events page, then the breadcrumbs will disappear. Its not an optimal solution but we did it like that until we have a more stable breadcrumbs solution.

Yes. Just visit the view settings of this specific view and then under Filter Criteria click on Content: Title and select to remove it. You can do the same to remove any other exposed filter of a view.

I tested it in my environment and it words. Can you provide a screenshot and/or a link to a page you tested it?


Thank you Konstantinos for your answer, for the Events view and the news view it’s all solved.

Regarding the featured banner in some of my easy start sites, I realised that all the parameters were disabled in: Structure,Paragraphs types,Cern featured banner, Manage display,
I moved all to the top but still’s not working

In the layout I choose featured story. in custom display default
thanks again!

Hello Monica,

It seems that something was very wrong with the Featured Banner config. I applied a fix. Let me know if it works now.