Number of Characters in Resource Box Title

Dear all,

Is there a way to increase the number of characters in the resource box title?

I would like to see how it looks with two lines, since it’s an about/learn more resource box.

If not, perhaps is there another component that I could use to have a short description in this box?

Thank you in advance for your advice!

Hi @dmantoni,

I think I fixed it with an override template in some theme.

Although this is not the best solution since whenever the CERN theme is updated there might be inconsistencies between your template and the theme’s template, it still fixes this limitation of the Resource Box template.

I can share it and you can use it with a CERN Override theme if you want :+1:t2:

I will update this when I have some minutes.


Hello Daniela,

Can you post a screenshot of your page to see the format of your current cards?


Here, @kplatis:


Hello Daniela,

To be honest I am not sure how long the text is but these boxes are in general designed to redirect users and not to add long text. Thats why the title field is limited in 60 chars and also to avoid overflows.

Having said that, there is an alternative that you can use for long text. If instead of Resource Box you use Article Box, the Article Box has a field for text as you can see in the screenshot below. So you can add a title and under it add the text explanation.

The Article box however does not support the resource icon, so you lose that in that case. Not sure if it satisfies your design, if not then you can always override as @ogomezal mentioned.