Page Manager won't let go of my nodes even when I delete the variant

I am slowly removing “Pages” (former D7 Panels) from the D8 site in favour of Display Suite.

In order to apply a new layout to a particular content type, I needed to delete the “Node View Page” that had been applied.

However even though I have deleted the variant in question, it just won’t let go of that content type. The pages view is still being applied, and I can’t override it with anything else.

Example at It still looks like the 2-col layout that Page Manager applied, even though that shouldn’t exist anymore. I have no Display Suite layout applied (currently set to “none”).

The Page variant relating to this, I have deleted. However that variant is still active. It’s not showing up in the Page Manager list anymore. I have cleared the caches 100000000 times. I have tried to apply a Display Suite layout. Nothing works.

Why won’t Page Manager leave my nodes alone?! Can anyone help please?


Time solved that one… just had to wait 24 hours for it go through!