Page visibility option for blocks is missing

In block layout while configuring blocks the option allowing to place blocks on specific pages is missing:

What can be the reason for this?


Dear Anastasiya,

Could you please describe the steps you followed in order to reproduce this?


  1. I created a veiw with a block display
  2. Then i go to Block layout → Place block (to main content) → Add custom block → Configure block → … and there under Visibility there is no option to chose the pages where the block should be displayed.

Similar issue is described here:

…and this happened when i enabled ‘Rules’ module on my site.
Before that it was possible to place blocks to specific pages the way i described above.

It seems that the Rules module has an issue and the patch mentioned in the above post fixes it.

You should open a ticket to Drupal infrastructure and ask the admins to install the patch.


The patch has been now applied to production infrastructure.

Please let me know if still affected by the visibility problem

Eduardo in behalf of Drupal Infrastructure Admins

Now it works fine.
Thank you.