Patterns: Menu Structure

Hi all,

I am currently analyzing an existing URL pattern on D8, currently - we have an automated URL generation based on a Menu Structure pattern (Screenshot) --> [node:menu-link:parents:join-path]/[node:source:title]

But what is the [node:source:title]? Is this the title you define on via General Info?

How I understood the structure as:
[node:menu-link:parents:join-path] – URL Set as of the Main-menu structure
[node:source:title] - ?


Thanks in advance and cheers

Hi Kitti,

node:source:title has to do with translations. If you have a multilingual site (English and French) and you want your URLs always to be in English then you set the token node:source:title to always use the title from the source node. If your source node is in English will use the English path, if it’s the French then it will use the French.

You have to be careful because source doesn’t have to do anything with the default language. Source is always the node that has been created first. So, if you want your paths always to be in English make sure that you always create the English nodes first and then translate them in French.

However we have created a module that always creates the URLs in English despite the source node. Currently we are using it only on the home website but if needed we could make it available to the community.

Hi Sotirios and thanks for your explainantion.
In the past, the site had both english and french translated URLs generated by default, and now all URLs are generated based on the node language that was created first.

I will try to use the URL redirects for the “old” french URLs we had from past and link them to the new pages.

I don’t think it is on Webtols site - but perhaps a small guideline about URL redirect functionalities might be interesting/useful to have for the future?