People in drupal

User Thomas Georg Becher
He is member of egroup th-dep-cass
Not of th-dep-sass
And recently he is added to th-dep-atcern

But this does not seems to be updated on Drupal web site

  1. Home
  2. Administration
  3. People

where he appear still as member of th-dep-sass (probably a very old registration) and not of th-dep-atcern

Do you know how long shall I wait to get it updated? or how can I force this to be updated ?



It generally takes a day for the e-group to sync and to fetch the latest results for the new additions.

Hopefully this should have been resolved by now, if not then it might take a few more hours to synchronise.


Hi Elena

In addition to what Prakhar wrote above, please also note that if someone is part of a parent e-group, they will necessarily also show up as being a member of any of the sub e-groups. I am not sure whether this is applicable in this particular instance, but it is something worth keeping in mind.