Permissions sur une basic page

Je cherche à bloquer l’accès d’une seule basic page de mon site à la communauté CERN uniquement.
Quelqu’un pourrait-il m’aider avec une procédure.

Bonjour Sophie,

You can find the answer in this forum post


Hello Kontantinos,

I have already read this post but It’s not my question. I would like to give access to this basic page Administration | Electrical Power Converters (EPC) ( to CERN registered only. But in my website I have a lot of basic pages and I would like this permission only for this basic page Administration | Electrical Power Converters (EPC) ( All other basic pages must be available for anonymous user.

Thank you for your help.

Dear Sophie,

The forum post that Kostas pointed you at explains how to do this.

You need to enable the Content Access module on your website. Once you have done this go to Structure->Content Types and edit the Basic Page. You will see a tab called Access control. Click on that tab and scroll down till you see the oprion Per Node access. Check this and save.

Now go to the basic page you want to change the access. Click on the Access control tab. Unselect all roles from the view columns apart from the role that you want to give access to this page to (in this case CERN registered). Then click save.

Finaly go to Reports->Status report and click on Rebuild permissions link under the Node Access Permissions section.