Problem of format since the last upgrade to Drupal 8.9.13


Since the last upgrade, I have a problem of format with the GTPA website ( All the bullets lists look weird. I removed 2 local modules (Linkit and PrintFriendly) but nothing changed. The problem is clearly with the display settings. Can you help ?


Hey @kplatis , maybe you have a clue?

Hello. I am having a look…

Hello @claignel ,

I had a look and applied a fix for your site. Can you please confirm that its fixed?


Hello @kplatis ,

It worked for both the homepage and calendrier but not for the minutes of the meetings under Réunions et agendas.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Caroline,

I applied a solution. Can you have a look and let me know?


Hello Konstatinos,

Yes, it worked.

Thanks a lot !

Hi @kplatis ,

Caroline was asking if the problem in is the same as the one you fixed.

If this is a recurring problem, could you please describe your solution for future reference?