Problems after the latest Drupal update


After the OTG0069110 update, ALICE websites lost a lot of functionality. The upgrade, in the old infrastructure, was executed in two steps first on the test sites and we can make adjustments on the production websites in advance.
Ïs possible to update first the test sites and production sites after? How can I uninstall the core and “central module” updates?
Please take back the information about the updates (Drupal 8.9.18 security update)

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Hi Guillermo,

You’re right about that, we will change (improve!) the way we update starting from the next time. However, it will not work exactly the same way as before. First of all, there are “safe” updates and “potentially breaking” updates. Here’s the new plan.

Safe updates

These occur much more frequently than they used to. There is no announcement. We don’t expect any issue to emerge, and they are time-critical, because they frequently involve security issues.

Potentially breaking updates

These are updates like OTG0069110 (Drupal 9.2 → 9.3).

  1. We announce these updates like we used to a short time in advance. At that time they are available in the system and you can create new environments with this version.
  2. We let you take the initiative to test that your sites work well in this new version. You can do that by creating an environment with the new version, cloning your production site.
  3. We upgrade all websites after this grace period.

Dear Konstantinos

A new plan is welcome.
In any case, the announcement [OTG0069110] was on February 09, 2022 15:10
and the update would start the next day. What would be the way to put a red light and stop the update?
A suggestion put a watch list in the announcement of the updates and interventions, main users of websites should know about it. Please spread the information.
For knowledge: How to request a rollback of updates?
best regards

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Very soon after the updates, rolling back should in principle be possible. You can open a service-now ticket to the Drupal service, noting which exactly drupalsite we should roll back for you.
Please also mention this post, since I"m leaving here some info for the colleague that will pick up your request.

Note on our actions:

  1. we’re going to change the version of the drupalsite to the latest v9.2-1
  2. if the site doesn’t work, we’re going to restore the database dump stored on the file /drupal-data/db_backup_update_rollback.sql

We are going to re-introduce a procedure for this in the following 15 days and publish it in this forum.