Problems opening documents uploaded to Drupal questionnaire

We are currently in a recruitment process for which we also use a Drupal questionnaire to which candidates have to upload documents as well:
Manuel Gonzalez Berges should have the same rights as me but it seems that he can´t open many documents like the example below (which works for me):

Could you please have a look and help for the access rights of those documents if possible? Many thanks in advance, Jennifer

PS: He also had issues with exporting the information, so something is not working correctly and we don’t know where it comes from as we are both not trained in Drupal.

Hello Jennifer,

I need some extra info to resolve your issue. How do you define rights in your website? Do you have any specific roles defined? Have you given Manuel admin rights?
Also can you give more details about what is your use case? I guess the users upload files and then you need to access them, right?


Hi Konstantinos,

Thank you for your answer. My colleague Priscilla who was the owner of the drupal site still yesterday couldn’t add Manuel as administrator in drupal / people (he is only “CERN registered”), and I cant neither (she transferred me the owner rights yesterday, it says the change of ownership will take some minutes). We couldnt add Manuel either as moderator in web services: and Service Desk just replied that they deployed a new version of web services which could have provoked the issue we are facing.

So we are currently blocked and hope we can get it fixed soon. Let me know in case you can help and we can have a call?


Hello Jennifer,

You can read this article about roles and permissions.

If you want to add Manuel as website administrator, you should add him in the egroup called drupal-admins-questionnaire-ftec. It takes some hours up to a day to synchronize with the egroup. After synchronizing, Manuel should have administrator access.