Problems to follow the drupal9 upgrade procedure

Looking at the procedure to upgrade from Drupal8 to Drupal9. I don’t see how to apply updates.
When navigating to the “Reports” page, I don’t see a menu item “Upgrade Status”. So I cannot even begin the upgrade procedure. Even being first informed of this change on the 18th October, a deadline of 2nd November to complete the upgrade is very short notice, especially as it falls in the school holidays period. Website:

By the way, I’m not able to access the recording “Drupal9 upgrade: how to check your website”. It says Access Denied, even after logging in.

Hi Guy

Thanks for reaching out!

The guide for following the Upgrade Status may be found here: If you do not see the Upgrade Status option under Reports, chances are that you are still on your website. Please note that until this has been migrated to OpenShift (scheduled for this week), you cannot see the Upgrade Status tool. You can, however, access it by checking the preview site https://<your_website> This should help you attain an overview of what, if anything, needs to be done on your website(s).

Please check the Indico page again; I have added you as a participant.


Thanks, That’s very helpful, but I got a server timeout when I tried to remove uninstalled projects

Hi again

Just following up to confirm whether you are still receiving timeouts? Are you able to confirm whether you are receiving these on the preview website, or your production website? Also, how are you removing modules — through the WebDAV?