Problems when opening website from mobile phone


I created a very simple website for my working group, the homepage is a landing page with only one component. When trying to open the website from an Apple phone, the website is not charging, or the person cannot access the page (getting the message “you are not authorised to open this page”).
When opening from an Android device, there is no problem.
Can you please explain why? or what should I do in order to avoid this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Valentina

This sounds weird! Could you please let us know which website this is? If it is not a public website, you can message me on Mattermost or send us an e-mail directly. We do not have anything in place that would differentiate between users on Android and users on iOS. If it works on one platform, it will work on others. Or, rather, it should! Can you confirm that both devices were accessing the website from the same network (e.g. maybe one was outside of CERN whilst the other was inside CERN).