Problems with import indico feed


I definetely a problem with my indico feed on the drupal web site

as today April 8th ~h18:30
Somebody complains the seminar list is not updated in

So I did run the seminar feed

And I got 181 cleaned events, 3 new ones and 1 updated (!!!)

So I check my list it is worse or different from before : new semairs appear and others disappear …
(I am not getting the logic of this action … )

So I run once more the import and create 175 events

And this time seems to be a good merge of the 2 runs :

I was then asking myself what will it happen if I run a third time ???

Fiiiuuu !!!


Elena Gianolio
Theoretical Physics Department, CERN
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Hey Elena,

I hope you are doing good.

I had a look at the website and see that it is a custom block view that displays the Events feeds. The view has filter criteria set to display the content and I see the filters sorted to display the content as per the desired requirements so maybe you can have a look to the view settings (since it allows only specific events with start date to a month to be published under this view) and arrange it accordingly as per the need.

Also you can clear the caches of the site under configuration → performance → clear caches so as to check for the amendments to be working fine on the website.

I hope this helps and if the issue remains we can further investigate the cause to get a solution.


Dear Prakhar,
I am not sure to understand what you are telling me … Yes there are filters that sort the display in a certains way but this does not explain why an event is show at a certain moment, then it disappear at the next runs then it appear again, when nobody is touching neither to the event neither to the filters, isn’t it ?
And why an event is not show and when I run the import by hand it is ? why the import, that is supposed to run regularly import only few events and not all ? At the beginning I suspected the event was created after the rn of the import but when I run it the last time and got 181 events removed, 3 created and 1 updated and few minutes after 175 new events then … I concluded there is something that is not working as it should …am I wrong ?


Thank for your response. I see that is using an older version of the indico feeds and events and both aren’t compatible with the current version of drupal surfacing the infrastructure. Refer to the Screenshot here :

Maybe it is due to the compatibility that is causing this unusual and abnormal functionality of the module. Here I’m attaching a link to a previous thread that my colleague updated regarding the unstable behaviour of the module Indico Feeds Issue

Also in the meantime I will look into a clone of your website to further investigate the issue causing concern to the functionality.

I hope this helps and in case of more clarification you can write us back here.


Hello, I still have a question
the gitlab module that you suggested me to download is called cern-indico-feeds-master while in my modules I have cern-indico-feeds
so … shall I remove the local one ? shall I rename the imported one ?