Problems with URL Alias and translations


I have started to translate my “Basic Page” contents from English into French (and I will have to do Dutch afterwards).

The original English pages have an URL alias (e.g. /research, /governance, /internships etc)

This alias will stay the same for all translation (anyway, I don’t have a choice, it seems that URL Alias does not support translation) and URL Alias field is also labelled “URL ALIAS (ALL LANGUAGES)”.

So I expect that the French page will have the same URL’s but prefixed with “/fr” i.e. /fr/research, /fr/governance, /fr/internships etc

The problem is that once I have created the translation and saved it, the translated node URL is still in the form /fr/nodeXX, not using the URL Alias.

I have found a workaround but which is a bit time consuming: I go to Extend > PathAuto > Configure > List and can find my 2 pages URL alias, but BOTH are linked to English language.
If I change one to be associated to French language, then my page appears in both languages with the URL Alias. But this means I need to do this “cleanup” for every single page.

Is there any automatic way to fix this?



Hi Francois,

You need to setup the URL patterns in order for this to work.

You can do this here

Once you have set up this (e.g. using tokens [node:title] for the path, the alias will be saved according to the title’s language.

In any case prefix will still exist even if the aliases are translated.