Publish Drupal 8 site with the original site name used in Drupal 7

After successfully developing your new Drupal 8 website, you will likely want to make it public in place of the old Drupal 7 website.

Which publication procedure to choose?

Can the site be unavailable for max 2h? Should the old site remain online? Action
YES NO self-service replacement
YES YES, I need to keep the old site online as well static archive needed and then self-service replacement
NO, critical website! don’t care critical website, open ticket

Self-service replacement of Drupal 7 site

:warning: If your site uses aliases (eg, please open a ticket

Given that you have successfully migrated your Drupal 7 site to your Drupal 8 development site and you’re ready to publish it:

  1. Delete your existing Drupal 7 site from WebServices portal. You will have a downtime of ~ 1 hour.
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email about the deletion…
    – Create a new Drupal 8 Blank site with the same name as the just-deleted Drupal 7 site.
  3. In the new site, go to https://<SITENAME> and clone from your existing <DRUPAL 8 DEVELOPMENT SITE>
  4. [Optional] Once you verify <SITENAME> works well, delete <DRUPAL 8 DEVELOPMENT SITE>.

Note: If you don’t receive an email notifying you that your new site has been created after 1.5 hours, please open a ticket to the Drupal Infrastructure team to investigate.

Downtime tolerable, but need to keep the old site online

We will give you a static HTML version of your website. We will also assist you in the selection of the best hosting option within CERN central services.

  1. Follow these instructions: Transform Drupal 7 site into Static HTML version
  2. After ensuring the static archive, please proceed with the self-service replacement of a Drupal 7 site.

Critical website, downtime unacceptable

If the website is critical for the Organization and downtime is not acceptable, please open a ticket with Drupal Service and we will prepare the procedure for a transparent name transfer.
Note that this action might take some time.


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In case you come across any errors after cloning your site, there is one action you can try before opening a ticket. Go to the menu where you can normally take and restore backups:
and click the big red button REGISTRY REBUILD

There were extremely long delays for e-groups to synchronize with Drupal infrastructure recently

Once the PROD Drupal 8 site is created, even logged in, you do not see the admin menus.

My recent experience: site created 4 hours ago, still cannot access the admin menus and pages.

It is therefore impossible to clone from DEV backup, unless you create a ticket and ask Drupal Infrastructure team to do it for you (and remind them to remove the DEV status at the same time).

So expect a few extra hours downtime before you can actually clone your DEV site on your PROD site…

Thanks for writing your experience. The incredibly long sync itself is completely out of our control, and I have complained to the responsible service.

To work around this in some cases, since mid-March we don’t remove the admin egroup when the Drupal 7 site is deleted. When the Drupal 8 site with the same name is created, it picks up admins from the same, existing egroup. Therefore, if you have been in the admin egroup of the old Drupal 7 and the Drupal 8 DEV site long enough (>1 day to be sure), there should be no further delay after the Drupal 8 PROD site is created.


My new site is be-dep-op-ps . Following the procedure, I get stuck at step 3.

Signed in or not, this page gives this error:

Access to was denied

You don’t have authorization to view this page.


…Any suggestions? Open a ticket? Something I missed?

When did you create the website?

An hour before or so. I got the confirmation, the site is created and I can access the root of it.

Then it is an e-group sync issue. It takes a few hours for the website’s admin e-group to sync and the members get admin access.

Try again in a few hours. No need to open a ticket.

I see, thank you - I will try again tomorrow! :slight_smile:

I can’t see “Drupal Infrastructure” in SNOW as the article says. Only “Drupal Service”. If this goes to Sotiris, who is on holiday, where will my ticket go?

I just made it a link

very helpful, thanks! Still, it is better to write in the text “Drupal service” and not “Drupal Infrastructure”. Between IT-CDA-WF and wherever else Sotiris is, the users are already confused enough…

done, thanks!

I have created the new version of my current D7 website ( under Drupal 8 as a dev. site and built it from scratch (
Now I want to put my new site in production, but with a new name, ideally
I would furthermore like to keep my current dev site, so that I can use it for further tests.
My questions are:
a) Can I follow the 4-step-procedure mentionned above, involving cloning, to put in production my new site?
b) Can I omit step 4 to keep my dev. site?

Hi @gthiede,

For question a), for sure, this is the way to proceed.

For question b), absolutely, you can keep your dev site and have a workflow where you can perform some changes on the dev site so that they can be then moved to your production site.


Many thanks, dear Ismael, for the quick reply.
So, I will start with the procedure, but wait until I delete the old web site so that I can request a static copy as a safeguard (should not be a problem, as the new site will have a different name).

Dear Ismael,

my new web site under Drupal 8 is now in production ( and I have for my archives a zip file with my old Drupal 7 site (
I would like to delete now the ODPP site, and have an automatic redirect from the ODPP site that points to the landing page of the PRIVACY site. Do you know how I can put in place such a redirect?

Many thanks in advance for your advice,

Hi Gabi!

I think one way would be to delete the ODPP site, and once the alias is available — it can take up to two hours — you register this odpp site again to be an alias of your new privacy site, by managing the later one and just adding an alias with that name.

That’s what we did for some of the sites we already put in production :slight_smile:


Hi @gthiede,

As @ogomezal has properly mentioned, indeed you just need to delete the odpp site from the Web Services interface, and once you get the deletion notification (it can take up to 2 hours to get it), you can proceed setting odpp as an alias of the privacy site under > under Aliases > Add alias, typing odpp.