Publishing and unpublishing functionality

Dear Colleague,
I have created a content type “composite part” ( Anyone with the role “writer” can create such content.
One of the options I set up in the form display is the “published” field (see attached picture)image
As administrator i can access access such field.
Question 1: user with the “writer” role can fill in all the other fields expect this one. do you know how to make such filed available to that role?

In parallel i created a view (table) based on the content type “composite part” (
Question 2: I would like that the content marked as “published” can be viewed be the “CERN registered” role and the content marked as “unpublished” can be viewed by the “writer” role. Currently the content marked as “unpublished” is not visible on the view/table (including to the administrator role). Could you please let me know if this functionality can be setup-up?
Thanks for your time and help,

Dear Joao

Check the module Override Node Options

The Override Node Options module allows permissions to be set to each field within the Authoring information and “Publishing” options field sets on the node form.

Best regards
ALICE webmaster