Reference to Image or File existing in the file system


I came across this node for picture migration but it’s not completely clear to me what that means for correct file links.

I want to reference existing files in my D8 Website (images and pdf files), but instead I created an Image/PDF field in the content types, where I uploaded the image/ pdf. But that means that my files are twice in the content storage.

  1. Is reimporting the files/pictures the ‘correct’ way, so that even in the future the files will be found? If yes, how can I delete the files that are there twice or are out-of-date?
  2. OR should I create a reference entity? If yes, how can I do that, so that the content gets displayed and I can influence, e.g. the Image Style of the File? Is the only way to control Image Styles with the Image field?


Hi! Has somebody a comment on my question?
It would be really helpful. Thanks, Nadine


Regarding reusing existing files, have a look at this guide.

Regarding deleting duplicate files, I am afraid you have to do this manually. You have to mount your websites file system and check in the files folder where your images are.

Thank you!